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Samfunnsinformatikk/ Social Informatics 


This Wiki is for you who is going to start lecturing in Social Informatics and want to have a look at what other people have done as for the "how to teach Social Informatics" or just want to collect different lecturing resources for your students, and for you who is a student and are looking for different presentations on some of the topics of SI. Most of the stuff here are in Norwegian only, but you`ll also find lectures and references in English. Feel free to use everything here as you see fit, and be welcomed to contribute if you want to. This Wiki started as an experimental repository for resources used within the undergraduate course of Social Informatics at Nesna University College, and some of the podcasts and YouTube videos are only "triggers" and "reminders" which might make sense in the specific context it was made, but not necessarily as standalone resources. (The first collection of this repository was web-based). This Wiki was last updated with new resources on the 14th of February 2015, and is used as a tool within the concept of flipped classroom. Only minor updates have been done on this wiki after 2015, including one new video lecture placed on the 3de of june 2021.


A student page has been established for thoughts, comments and resources contributed by students and others who wish to participate. The references are mainly in Norwegian. There are links to other social informatics wikis, Blogs and Web pages.

Unless otherwise stated, all resources are either made by (marked with pag), or collected by, me. This symbol  indicates that the resources are located outside of the various sites administered by me.


This resource page was evaluated and accepted by Intute for listing on their web page on resources for education and research in Social Sciences - subject: Social Informatics. Evaluating institutions: University of Bristol in partnership with the University of Birmingham, UK. Also listet on Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics under “Wikis“, from 2008 to 2010.


My international publications relevant for this resource are:

  1. "Fighting child pornography: Exploring didactics and student engagement in social informatics", i Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Volume 58, Issue 3, 2007 (Level 2)
  2. "Perspectives on project based teaching and “blended learning” to develop ethical awareness in students", i eLearning Papers Nº 6,
    2007 (Level 1)
  3. "Getting Involved: Perspectives on the Use of True Projects as Tools for Developing Ethical Thinking in Computer Science Students", i International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, Vol. 4, Issue 2, 2008, (Nivå 1)
  4. "Education in the World of Web 2.0 – Exploring Project Based Learning and Web 2.0 tools in the online course of Social Informatics for Teachers", i ICT in Educational Design – Processes, Materials, Resources, pp. 63-73, Oficyna Wydawnicza Uniwersytetu Zielonogórski, ISBN 978-83-7842-111-5, 2013 (Level 1)
  5. "The Online Classroom – Developing Learning Spaces Using Blogs, Wiki and Twitter",  Poster Presentation at EDEN 8th Reaserch Workshop; 27.10. – 28.10., publicised in the Book of Abstracts, ISBN: 978-963-89559-9-9, (In English), 2014.

(Java and Flash Player are necessary for full use of all the resources. Tested with the use of FireFox)


Go to The resource page  (The main page) OR take a look at Aim, Key Words and Definition



 A Social Informatics Lecture Site from Per A. Godejord,
doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.36055.68003

About the author of this Wiki
Work: Nord University

Nord University Profile: PAG


Last updated: 02.05.2024


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